Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just a cool picture from Lila's last sponge bath. She will graduate to real baths now that her cord is fully off.

Canvas for Lila's Room

I painted this for Lila's room. I resisted the urge to write her name or initials on it somewhere as I have personalized everything else I have made or bought for her!

Lila's Birth Announcement

This is Lila's birth announcement (none of which have been mailed yet, although I did put them in envelopes!). To help me stay sane we are mostly just sending them to some friends and immediate family who live far away but I still wanted to post it. It uses Stampin' Up!'s cardstock and punches and I printed the large script "L" with my new printer. I love my new printer for many reasons but mostly because it actually prints, which is a key thing a printer should do. This is the only paper crafting I have done this month.

Stampin' Up! News

The new Stampin' Up! catalog will be out in early August. I will let all of my customers know when it's available and how you can get one from me either for $5 (my cost) or for FREE. We are still adjusting to Lila so I am waiting until later in August to schedule events but everyone had better look out once I get rolling again... I have some great ideas just bursting to get out of my head. I will have at least one hostess club this year and will schedule at least one class a month and of course will be doing workshops again (my favorite way to meet new people). If you have any special class requests please let me know! Even if you don't stamp I encourage you to check out my project ideas when I post them on my blog... many of the things I do are so simple that truly anyone can do them.

Eight things that I love

1. Drive thru windows... every business should have one

2. Automatic doors on my van (the only redeeming quality about it these days)

3. Girl clothes!

4. Wii

5. Medela microwaveable sterilizing bags

6. BREC's Bluebonnet Swamp Camp (where Carson is going this week)

7. My friends who have brought us food

8. My family

My first blog!

I am trying something new and getting into this blogging thing. I sound a little old now when I talk about new-fangled trends but that's OK... I am getting older! I want to use this blog to share stamping projects and ideas and, like every obsessive mom, things about my kids too! We'll see how it goes! Here is a photo of our newest addition, little Lila Phillips. She is shown doing one of her three favorite things!