Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am pleased to announce that I am employed for the 2009-2010 school year. I will be going back to East Ascension High in Gonzales and am thrilled about it! I didn't take any sort of leave so they didn't have to hold a spot for me but they had one available and of course I jumped on it! Teaching there was a good fit; I liked them and they liked me. It looks like I will be teaching ninth grade English. I like the older grades better but have taught ninth grade four years total and do understand the nature of that wild beast. It felt really official when I got my packet of paperwork requiring me to go get fingerprinted (again) and drug tested. I don't mind either of those; I am pleased to know that they work hard to keep our kids safe. I just hope Diet Coke doesn't show up in drug tests.

I have Lila in a sweet little daycare nearby and as much as she loves the nursery at the gym I think she will enjoy daycare. She never fusses when I drop her off and wants to stay longer when I come to get her. The other day she held onto a large walking toy and I had to pry her off to be able to get her out of the nursery. I just don't know where she gets her stubbornness from ;) It surely can't be me...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lila, Grandpa, and Lila's 'fro

These are some sweet pictures of Lila in Folsom on the Gator with Grandpa. It was parked while the boys picked blackberries. I love these sweet shots of Lila and my dad but also would like to point out the 'fro on my baby. Click on the picture of Lila hugging my dad and you will really see how defined the curls are. Before anyone starts to question Lila's parentage- Kevin and I both tend to have wavy-curly hair so we were bound to eventually have one with curls! I just have a good relationship with an expensive straightening iron and Kevin keeps his hair short.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Babies

These are some pictures I took today of my babies. I was thrilled with the shots I got of the boys, especially those of Carson. Lila's were cute only because babies automatically take cute pictures. The family shots were terrible and I will try again in a few weeks. I took 118 shots in total! These are just a few ;)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I always love reading the boys' journals when they come home with them at the end of the year. This was Carson's journal about "Migets". It was accompanied by what I think is a drawing of a midget running over Carson with a bulldozer. I am afraid to ask...

Topic: Migets

I like Migets. They are small. Migets look awesome. Migets are awsome!!!!!!!!!!! Migets are funny.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Suburban Camping

Last weekend Cullen and Carson said "let's go camping in the backyard tonight!" The only problem was that it was 8:00 and we were settled in front of the TV so we scheduled it for this weekend. We have camping supplies from Cullen's one year in cub scouts, although said supplies have been in the attic since then. We dragged them out, wiped off the battery acid that had dripped on the tent bag (but not the tent) from the lantern's batteries, bought a new lantern, supplies for s'mores and hot dogs and were ready to go. Our house is on a pretty big, treed lot and backs up to woods so it feels a little woodsy but it IS in a neighborhood in Prairieville no matter how many trees there are. Apparently this is still great fun and the boys were counting down the minutes until their camp out with Daddy. Mommy has to stay inside with the baby... oh, darn ;)

  • 6:30 p.m.- arrive home from my parents cabin in Folsom which, ironically, would have been a great place for a true camp out. We picked up take-out from Griffin Grill for me and Kevin. I don't do hot dogs for dinner.

  • 7:00 p.m.- tent is set up; boys helped by... well, they didn't help at all

  • 7:30- fire is started in fire pit; boys helped by... well, they didn't help at all

  • 8:00- baby is in her crib sleeping and mom/camp butler has prepared plates of food and all food supplies and delivered outside

  • 8:30- hot dogs and s'mores consumed; boys come inside to brush teeth and get essentials

  • 8:45- Kevin comes in to find boys, who are still packing essential toys

  • Cullen's list of essentials: alarm clock (so he will know what time it is), monster spray (Febreeze in a small bottle with a label that says Monster Away Spray), and some pokemon toys.

  • 8:50- they are off to the tent to tell ghost stories

  • 9:00- they are back inside, Carson with all of his essentials and ready to come in. He apparently didn't want SCARY ghost stories

  • 9:10- everyone back out after promises of no more ghost stories.

  • 9:45- no word from Suburban campers. I figure either our newly-located outside cats attacked them or they are asleep

  • 10:00- electricity goes out. God does have a sense of humor; he wanted me to feel like I was camping out too.

  • 11:00- I realize cleaning by flashlight doesn't work so I give up and go to bed.

  • 4:30 a.m. Baby wakes up ready to play and I note that all of the suburban campers are still outside. Success! I know it's mother's day today but I think I will let Kevin take a nap later;)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, my first four lessons from my English 3593 class have been returned graded. Three of the four did not surprise me... they were all A's. The fourth grade very much surprised me, not because it was less than perfect but because of why it was less than perfect. I made a C+ on lesson number three because I did not use enough details. What?? When in my life have I not used enough details? I usually have the extreme opposite problem. I re-read the essay and sure enough, it was sub-par. The grade was exactly what I deserved- no more, no less. It is just so ironic that what I thought was going to be my problem (wordiness) was exactly what I was lacking. Things that make you go "hmmmmm".

Lila This Weekend

This weekend Lila was sick but you could barely tell. Even with a fever and food on her face she is still so adorable!