Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craft Idea

I am making these pom poms for my classroom.
Since I don't come up with any unique craft ideas on my own anymore I thought I would share this one!! Cheap and festive; my friend Cathy has them in her little girls' playroom.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fishy Up High

"Fishy up High!" is what Lila said upon seeing her fish garlands I made for her decorations for her party. That is why I love doing parties for children; they notice and appreciate every little detail! She loved her party planning, was tolerant of the crowd of doting friends and family at the actual party, and enjoyed playing with her new toys when things quieted down. The cake was done by The Happy Baker in Prairieville. They did a great job making the cake exactly as I had asked them to make it. It was adorable! In addition, I loved her little bubble favors. I like to keep favors simple and this was perfect; who doesn't love bubbles? The bubbles were from Wal-Mart and the labels from an Estsy shop Simplesweetness (http://www.etsy.com/shop/simplysweetness?ref=seller_info). Simple Sweetness got the labels to me right away; I was so pleased with their fast service! Lila loved her fishy party.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Birthday Parties

If I could I would love to plan birthday parties for a living. Of course then I would need to have
1) someone willing to pay me
2) that same someone would need to be willing for fork out big money for the ideas I have
3) they would need to be patient, since my good ideas don't always turn out the way they are supposed to

Of course, I try to make my ideas come to life on a budget (of sorts). Lila's second birthday party is in two days and the theme is "Little Fishy". I have to be honest: most of my ideas for this party looked way better in my head that they have once they have actually been done. The invitations were cute but not quite what I envisioned. The little goldfish bowls full of blue jello and Swedish fish look like goldfish bowls full of blue jello and some unidentifiable blobs. The mini cups of blue jello and Swedish fish (one for each little guest) look like blue jello with dead fish in it. Kevin thought I was making jello shots at first, which was scary because does he really think I am so far gone as to serve jello shots at a two year old's party? We'll have out the big water slide, a new ball sprinkler I got, and a bubble machine. Most of all, Lila will have fun seeing her friends, family, and decorations and I know the things that look imperfect to me will look great to her. On an end note, here is a link to a cute blog my friend Cathy posted on facebook with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I think it's so cute and would work for any age.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Toys R Us= Hell 4 Us

Gone are the days when I wished for a Toys R Us closer to home. If it were closer, that would take away my excuse not to go. We went today after a three year break. The boys were having a sleepover at their cousin's house and it was my brilliant idea to take Lila on her first trip to the toy store. It was to be our special time with her since Kevin took the day off today and could join us for our glorious adventure. Did I mention that she is teething? Did I mention that "teething" means she is getting two molars at once? Oh, did I also mention that she is a week shy of being two? Needless to say everyone but us would know that going to a toy store in such a condition was not a good idea. We did get her two presents for her birthday (one from us, one from my mom and dad). I also found Baby Oragel in the check-out line. The trip ended with Kevin rushing our screaming child out to the truck while I raced to buy the presents, actually longing for the days when I just had to tell Cullen and Carson NO every time they asked for a new Pokemon and they sort of listened instead of this maniacal teething creature we voluntarily brought with us. I did take a moment to congratulate the check-out girl on her attempts to up-sell but that no, I did not care for insurance on the baby doll set or the Little Tikes car (or truck or train, depending on the mood Lila is in). Insurance on TOYS?? What the heck? They should up-sell Valium or margaritas when checking out at Toys R Us. They would make a killing.