Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Day in the Life

On Monday mornings my students often try to get me off task by asking me what I did over the weekend. Usually I don't have much to say. How can I put into words what I actually do all weekend? I do the usual laundry, cleaning, and errands of your typical mom but how do you explain what else the willing parent must do to entertain their offspring? Here is the answer to "what did you do this weekend?" as told in pictures.
I pulled up all of my overgrown flowers and planted new ones. I salvaged some pretty zinnias.
I bought what Carson needed to make his first recipe; pizza sandwiches.

The results! Yummy.

Lila drew "good days" on herself. These are smiley faces.

This is Lila's daycare. It was Cullen's idea then morphed into quite the weekend activity.

Lila put my old bonnet on her head, held onto the ties, then galloped around saying her own little version of giddy up.

Robot monster.
"I am not scary; don't you see my little girl toes?"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Jesus, Jesus, I love Jesus!

This summer the big boys spent several days in Mobile, Alabama with my brother Chris, his wife Molly, and their two little children, Hannah and Hampton. The boys had a wonderful time and got glowing reports. One thing that they shared in while in Mobile were several religious rituals that we do not partake in. We almost never say grace (I can't remember to give them utensils half the time, much less calmly give thanks for our food) and we haven't read bible stories for quite some time.

Yesterday a package came in the mail. It was very surprising because it's not anybody's birthday and no one usually sends us random packages. Inside were several things: toys and a toothbrush Carson left in Mobile as well as a copy of the collection of bible stories that Chris and Molly read with their little ones daily. There is a story for every day and the boys were very excited to see this familiar book. Bedtime came and we were winding down (at least trying to) and the boys rushed to brush their teeth and gather in the game room to read before their movie night. Carson was hanging on my every word. He loves to be read to and soaks things up. Cullen was interested in listening but he was a little distracted by Lila. We decided to cheat a little and start on the July 24 story, which was where the story of Mary finding out she was carrying Jesus began.

Lila, as usual, was the one who was throwing the kink in our well-organized plans. She too was VERY excited. Story time with her brothers? This called for a pillow, a blanket, and a pink poodle stuffed animal. "This is my dog named Jesus!" she told me proudly. She was actually ready before her brothers and spent her extra time jumping and dancing while chanting "Jesus, Jesus, I love Jesus!" It was so cute. At first. The boys were stretched out to listen and while they tried their best to pay attention Lila continued to dance (after five seconds of sitting criss cross apple sauce hands in your lap), do somersaults across her brothers while screaming "Watch me do a flip!" and kneeing, kicking, and crushing her poor brothers. By the time it was done I was saying my own little prayers to Jesus for patience and Lila had been dragged to her bed screaming. We will either need to do this new routine after Lila goes to bed or find a way to strap her down.

Lila did listen to the story about Mary and the arrival of our savior; this was also her second story within the last few days about someone having a baby in their belly. Her teacher is pregnant and we discussed this crazy concept of a baby being in the mama's belly. The cutest end to the day, which cancelled out all of the craziness, was a sleepy Lila with heavy, droopy, eyes, sticking her Barbie happy meal toy under her nightgown and saying it was her baby. Then when I tried to remove the Barbie before I slipped out of Lila's bed she gave my hand a little slap "No, my baby isn't bored yet." I went in later when she was asleep and it was still there and I slipped it out and put it on her pillow. If only childbirth were really that easy.