Sunday, July 19, 2009

Breakfast Re-do

I usually only cook breakfast once a weekend. It is my unwritten policy. However, this weekend I find myself cooking breakfast a second time. Basically my breakfast attempt yesterday was so bad that I needed a re-do. I wanted it to be filling for the boys' Karate testing so I made banana nut muffins, sausage, and fried eggs. It was supposed to be boiled eggs but the eggs I had boiled the day before were in the part of the refrigerator that freezes things. Frozen boiled eggs are a disgusting thought so I threw them away. Then I only had one patty of sausage left so I had to split it between the boys. Then my first attempt in my entire life to make fried eggs was rather laughable. I almost took a picture they looked so bad. I told Cullen "Just eat the good part?" and his response was a wary "Can you please show me which is the good part?" So I decided to make pancakes today, which I know I do well.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Control Issues: Picking Your Teacher

I have always said, rather loftily, that I wouldn't choose my child's teachers. I wanted my kids to have variety and to learn to deal with assorted personality types beyond their OCD mother. That was before I actually had the chance to choose. Some principals let other Ascension Parish teachers choose their own children's teachers. Last May I decided to take advantage of this and choose Carson's teacher for the 2008-2009 school year. Then orientation day rolled around and, lo and behold, Carson was not in the class of The Chosen Teacher. I was a little upset but, being still somewhat stunned and not my usual self after the birth of child number three, I decided not to say anything to the principal, especially since by this point I think she knew I wasn't going back to teaching that year. I am sharing this story because I know many of my Mommy Friends are like me; there is a special teacher that you have in mind and no one else will do. However, last year I learned that sometimes there is someone else just as good for your baby. Carson ended up with Mrs. Amy Sanders, who was not The Chosen Teacher. What I learned later was that she was the chosen teacher, just not chosen by me. I feel like God matched Carson and Mrs. Sanders. She was so sweet and loving and he really enjoyed and thrived in her class. She educated Carson and nurtured Carson. I am not saying that my original choice wouldn't have done this, but I am so glad that Carson had Mrs. Sanders. I will not choose my children's teachers this year nor will I ask to. I want to see who God sends us. This may be our year to get a witchy teacher (we haven't had one yet!) this may be our year to get someone who really shouldn't be in the classroom. If so, I will accept the challenge just as I have accepted our blessings. I will be excited to see how it feels to let this one OCD burden go!

For Teachers (and others too!)

Here are some stamps I use as gifts for teachers. They are shown as address stamps but I do different wording. You can also create a blank (______________) on a stamp; I checked with Stampin' Up! They won't print curse words or foul words so please don't ask me to make you a stamp that says "turn in your work you little _____". Especially if that little _____ may be my kid ;) If you look carefully or click on the photo you're interested in you can see the details, including the price and options for numbers of lines. Then contact me if you'd like to order. Our ink pads are great and are $5.95 each. I also included a beautiful music stamp as well as one of my all-time favorite stamp sets for my kids and their friends. This set is "All in the Family". It usually keeps them busy for at least an hour. I use it too but my kids really have fun making things for people with this set. All items are subject to tax and shipping and handling but I am giving my teacher friends free s/h right now if the combined orders are over $50.

For the large text-only stamps you have a one line or two line option. I often do personalized stamps that say something like:
"a note from
amy phillips"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Domino Necklace

These have been around a long time but sometimes it's fun to resurrect old projects and freshen them! We have never done this project at my hostess clubs before and it will be fun to do this Friday night with my girls.


  • Mod Podge glue

  • Domino

  • E6000

  • scissors

  • paint brush

  • spacer beads

  • pen

Options for decoration:

  • cardstock

  • stamps and ink (waterproof works best but I like the antiqued look it makes when water-based inks blend a little!) I do like using either antiqued looking stamps or an alphabet stamp. There are new sets in the Stampin' Up! catalog that I must have to do more of these necklaces ("Jayne's Type" or "Monogram Sweet" both would be great!)

  • scrapbook paper

  • magazine images

  • photo ( any will work)

1. Gather supplies
2. Trace domino on paper
3. Cut out domino shape
4. Use E6000 to glue spacer bead to the top of the domino. Let it dry for at least an hour. If you don't have time for this as step two then move it to after all Mod Podge is done. I will have this step done before my "Stamping Ladies" arrive on Friday night.
5. Use Mod Podge to glue paper to blank side of domino.
6. Allow to dry
7. Seal top of paper with Mod Podge
8. Allow domino to dry then string the ribbon, chain, or other necklace through the spacer bead. Now your necklace is done! Voila! Package it up and you have a nice little gift.

The glue that adheres the spacer beads to the top of the domino and the necklaces we are using for my hostess club. They are the color I wanted (black) and reasonable as well as practical. Any type of chain or necklace will do but I like something simple and casual.
Note: thanks to "Crafty Hangover"'s blog for assistance with some of these instructions.

River Camp

Grandma and Grandpa Broders have a house in Folsom, Louisiana nestled in the woods on the banks of the Tchefuncte River. We go there as a family sometimes but the boys love going for a few days and playing with Grandma and Grandpa. This week they went for "River Camp". In two and a half days they have captured fireflies, watched the moon from the gazebo up by the pond, tubed multiple times, made animals out of clay, "camped out" on the screened porch, and seen a variety of critters, including a water moccassin, a water snake, and a family of raccoons (including quintuplets). They also saw the carcass of an armadillo, which was apparently thrilled. I won't describe it in as great of detail as they did because it sounded disgusting to me. I love that they have this opportunity! They come back today in time for Lila's actual first birthday. We won't have her party for a few days but they didn't want to miss the day their baby sister turns one so they will come back from Folsom to be with us!

Tubing in June

Carson ready for tubing

Emily, Cullen, Carson, Hannah, and Hampton

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ooohhh we love this baby!

Happy first birthday to our darling baby girl!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ode to Tofu: A poem

Ode to tofu

Oh tofu
You sounded so good
On the parenting websites
Soft enough for baby’s gums
Full of protein
Easy to disguise
Healthy meat alternative
But your mushiness
Murky water
And ugly packaging
Were foul to me
The baby threw you to the dog
For him to eat;
He doesn’t care
I kept you for soup
But your instructions sound
More like pet care
Keep in water
Refresh water daily
So I think I will throw you away
And stick with turkey dogs.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Once upon a time...

There was a giggly girl with bouncy curls

With pretty blue eyes full of sunshine and surprise
and a sweet little mouth and a sweet little nose

Plus wiggly feet and ten little toes

plus ten little fingers on two little hands

a complete little package all part of God's plan!
Thank you so much, God!
Love, Amy, Kevin, Cullen and Carson

Whoo Hoo!

I am excited to report that I am totally done with both of my classes. I learned so much that I can use in my classroom next year! It was hard doing lessons in bits and pieces (five minutes here, three minutes there) and with a baby literally nipping at my legs but I did it! I enjoyed learning new things and am thrilled that I have officially met my requirements to be a full-fledged teacher again. Whoo hoo!