Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween Fun

I love Halloween and fall decorations. I don't go as all-out with them as I would like but I have visions of skeletons and spooky ghouls dancing in my head each Halloween. I also love Halloween treats and goodies. Here are two of the things I made this year. Both were VERY easy. The first idea came from Kristen Milligan (thanks, Facebook!) and the second I think was from Stampin' Up! years ago. I took a picture with my phone and assured myself that I would do it. Three years have passed and voila, I have made them! The cute little monster treats are for the severe special needs trick-or-treaters at EA. The National Honor Society students take them treat-or-treating to the classrooms and it's so cute to see. I like to have something special for them.

These are for Lila's little class.

My silly assistant

Moon pies decorated with cookie icing! Lila asked if it was her because the dots on top looked like curly hair to her. Luckily her teeth don't look like that.

I used the cookie icing that you can buy in the baking aisle at Wal-Mart. It's not super cheap but time is money and what's $3/tube when it saves you mixing and cleaning time? It was so easy to use and it hardened nicely. I still am storing my monster treats spread out so that their toothy smiles don't run any risk of being messed up.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tooth Fairy

Cullen doesn't believe in The Tooth Fairy anymore, thank God. Unfortunately Carson, my sweet, loving, eager, boy does. The past four nights I have forgotten to put money under his pillow. He has been very patient and kind but was starting to grow weary of the excuses (the Tooth Fairy doesn't come during Fall Break, the Tooth Fairy doesn't always know how to reach people in the top bunk, etc.) Last night I finally remembered to put the money under the pillow and truly forgot that I had done it. So when Carson unveiled the money this morning I put on a good show of surprise since I had totally forgotten about it anyway. This clear surprise must have worked. Later this afternoon Carson came racing out onto the porch, had me turn off the lawn equipment I was using, and proceeded to share his big theory as to why the Tooth Fairy is real.
1. I was so surprised; would I be that surprised if I was the Tooth Fairy?
and (my favorite)
2. Moms don't even lie anyway
Ummmm, OK. If you say so...
How can I tell one of the two people on this planet who fully thinks I hung the moon that I have been lying to him his whole life?

1. I know it's light outside but the sun is just confused; I promise it's nighttime
2. Yes, there is a Santa Claus
3. Yes, there is a Easter Bunny
4. Yes, there is a Tooth Fairy
5. No, I didn't eat your ______ (peanuts, candy, chips, whatever else of theirs I ate)
6. Those aren't onions; they are just special noodles
7. It's not burned it's just browned

I guess when he finds all these things out he may change his mind about living with me forever.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This is funny and memorable but is it inappropriate for the classroom? I am not sure. We are starting Units IV and V, which includes the American realism period, on Tuesday so I have three days to decide. I would also like to have one more glass sayings "People just suck" to represent the cynics.

Game Time!

I don't think I went to a single athletic event for either of my high schools for the entire four years. Granted the first school didn't have many sports teams to speak of (unless you consider academics to be a sport- darn magnet schools). In addition, going to McKinley after dark for events wasn't fully safe. However, who would have thought that I would love to attend EA's games so much? I've enjoyed every game I have attended and have no favorite sport. I love watching my students play and I like the atmosphere. My kids and I get in for free and the snacks are cheap; it's a win-win situation. However, I have realized that the way I feel at games is a sense of parental pride. Do you know how it feels when your one or two children score? I feel that way when I hear each of my students' names called over the PA. I get excited when I see my soccer girls' little pony tails waving as they race down the field or kick the soccer ball from one end of the field to the other. I have parental pride x 100. It's a good feeling and I think that is why I go.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaching Moments

I was able to give an unexpected lesson on menopause the other day. I am sure the mothers of my students are all relieved. One less thing to explain and who would have thought they'd learn it in English III? I had an adorable student (girl) tell a silly boy repeatedly that she thought he was "Having menopause." Since I love this little girl and know she is a smart girl always wanting to learn more I quietly asked her if she knew what menopause was. She admitted that she didn't (clearly) and I told her the very basics. I made it clear that there was really no way our silly (male) friend was "having menopause." By this point half the class was listening attentively. Turns out they didn't know either. Now if I could only get some other adult to tell my own children about sex. I would pay not to have that discussion. I will be happy to share my morals (honor your body- it is a gift from God; this applies to all major decisions) but not the nitty gritty. It is a conversation that is long overdue but that neither of us is ready for. Give me teething and potty training any day over this next big task.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Tiger Fashion

I am going to my first HOME football game tomorrow. It will be as hot as Hades but I will sit more comfortably knowing that my daughter will be at my mother's looking so cute in her new LSU dress. There are some things that you cannot get away with wearing as an adult and therefore should wear as much as possible when you are young. Two of those things are animal prints and tutus. If you're going to wear animal print it may as well be a purple stripe paired with gold smocking. Go big or go home, baby.