Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I knew I needed to evaluate the amount of time I spend at Target when the cashier at the food court was able to (correctly) note that "the baby looks like your oldest boy". I was touched that she noticed and also felt a bit like a Target addict but then I drank my awesome Target Diet Coke and bought more stuff anyway. I don't have a problem... I can stop anytime I want.

Cullen is definitely my son

I have further proof (besides watching him exit me almost nine years ago) that Cullen is definitely my flesh and blood. You know how they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Well our apple didn't fall far from the tree and once it fell it started making lists, much like yours truly.

The boys' friend Tyler had his birthday party last weekend and they missed it. Tyler was extra sweet and came over with goody bags for the boys anyway. The first thing Cullen did after opening his bag was group his candy, count each group, and write the results down on a sticky note.

Gum 12
Now and Laters 6
sweettarts 1
jawbreaker 3
suckers 2

I was impressed and dismayed. I am dismayed because now he has proof of how many candies he had, making it much harder for me to sneak a few out of the bag. So I will eat Carson's instead.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Diva Day 2008

I want to thank everyone who came to my Diva Day. I had a great time seeing everybody and stamping with almost thirty friends during the course of the open house.

For those who didn't hear we "scratched" the scratch and sniff part of the popsicle card from the Diva Day agenda. It sounded like a cute idea but the actual image wasn't as cute as the card was without doing that extra step. I can send the directions to anyone who wants them (it's basically adding Kool Aid to embossing powder and following typical embossing steps after that). I personally would rather a cute card that doesn't have a scent than an ugly one that does have a scent!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cute Bag Project

This project is really easy but turns out super cute. It looks great with all sorts of patterned paper; I can't wait to do it with our new Halloween paper!


1/4 sheet Red Riding Hood cardstock (two pieces)

patterned paper to layer within the cardstock

Stamp set: "All Holidays"

Scallop edge punch

Kiwi cardstock

whisper white cardstock

sticky strip


small white mini-lunch sack (I get mini at Michael's) about 5x4 in size; if it's taller you can trim off some of the top

I adhered the patterned paper to the cardstock using SNAIL. Then I stamped my image and did the layering and adhered this image to the patterned paper before assembling the bag. Next I put a piece of sticky strip along the top and bottom of the front and back of the bag. Make sure you move the bottom of the bag out of the way as you work with the back of the bag; you don't want adhesive on the bottom. I then put SNAIL going diagonally down the center of the front and back of the bag. Sticky Strip works but the SNAIL is easier to do. Remove the Sticky Strip protective layer on the back and carefully lower the decorated back panel of cardstock on top of the Sticky Strip, being careful to keep the panel straight and I also try to have even spacing of the excess cardstock on either side of the bag. Then repeat for the front. When you are done the bag should stand up on its own, even when empty!! It looks so cute with a little tissue paper tucked inside and peeking over the top and of course ribbons and embellishments add a nice flair.

Baby Bowheads

If I could have a subtitle for this it would be "what is ugly on other kids is cute on mine". I have always hated headband bows on babies until I tried one on Lila. I still recognize that headband bows on babies who have no hair in the front are useless and a little silly. However, I think it looks kind of cute on her. I got them at a boutique in Gonzales and the proprietor kindly asked "do you know how to make bows?" I literally scoffed. Do I know how to make bows? Is the Pope Catholic? I mean I was in a sorority in the South in the early 1990's. If Lila also needs a party cup anytime soon I can tell her about my title of Party Cup Queen (while she wears a bow on her hairless head). Give me a few paint pens and a plastic cup and I can show you who the master is.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Five Weeks Old

Today was Lila's five week birthday. She doesn't really cooperate for pictures yet but she is a little more alert in general. She has also smiled a few times. The first time was a few days ago for Molly, my brother Chris' wife, and Lila has smiled a few times each day since then.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catalogs have arrived

My catalogs have arrived! My first three boxes are almost all spoken for but I have a few copies that do not have a home yet and two more boxes that should arrive later this week. Please let me know if you'd like one! They cost $5 or are free for my hostess club members or anyone who wants to book a Stampin' Up! workshop.

Diva Day Projects

Every year when the new Stampin' Up! catalog comes out I have a big customer appreciation party where we have all sorts of goodies as well as a few free hands-on projects. Please contact me to find out more about this event! Here are some photos of our projects. The sticky note project will vary slightly in that the sample is made with retired Stampin' Up! paper and the actual project we will be making will use a brand-new designer series paper that is even cuter! The Popsicle card photo is of a project made by another demonstrator but it is what we are doing at Diva Day. There are so many creative demonstrators so I figure why reinvent the wheel? My Popsicle cards will be Scratch and Sniff... if you want to know how in the world to make your own scratch and sniff card you will just have to come and find out! ;)

Friday, August 8, 2008

First Day of School for the Boys!

Today was the boys' first day of school! It seems a little early but we were all ready. Cullen is in third grade and his teachers are Mrs. Saurage and Mrs. Loraso. Carson is in first grade and his teacher is Mrs. Sanders. I popped into their classrooms this a.m. (along with the other hundreds of parents who converged on the school) and was amazed to see that in the first two minutes of class both teachers had all of the students occupied at their desks and the classrooms orderly. Hats off to our new teachers!

I can't believe that Cullen is eight!

Carson's class was playing with PlayDoh right away.

Not sure what Cullen was doing in his class but he was being good!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Eldest Child is OCD

I know everyone likes to feel better about themselves by hearing about other people's crazy children. Tonight at 8:00 p.m. I made Cullen's TOP BUNK (if you've put a fitted sheet on a top bunk bed lately you know you deserve a stiff drink after getting that job done!). Apparently I put Carson's Spiderman sheets on Cullen's bed, which is evidently unacceptable. Apparently the fact that they look almost identical isn't quite good enough because Cullen pitched a fit. Did I mention that he is eight, not two? I held my ground and wouldn't change them again so he is sleeping on top of his quilt rather than stoop to lay his eight year old body on the wrong Spiderman sheets. Granted BOTH sets of Spiderman sheets are something like 10 thread count they are so cheap and uncomfortable. I am proud of myself for not giving in to shut him up. Cullen just doesn't know who he's up against sometimes! I am so glad that they go back to school tomorrow; we all need a little space. And I'm not changing those sheets anytime soon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Images from the new catalog I borrowed from Margarita

These are some of my favorite sets and images from the new catalog. Of course there are more but these are the ones I wanted to share. I love the scrapbook kit and there IS a baby boy one too. This is a lot like a custom scrapbooking class I used to do except easier!

I love this! I can see the boys having fun with this... I'll just stamp it on a piece of white paper and let them color it and write their sentiments in the blanks.

The cover! You can even see Margarita's sticky notes on the side marking what she wants. :)

Monday, August 4, 2008

She has awoken!

Sometime in the last few days I think someone switched my sleepy Lila out with another baby. This new baby cries quite a bit more and needs to be held... A LOT! When I am holding her she is happy but she is happiest when Kevin is holding her. She also sleeps a whole lot less unless, of course, she is being held. I feel most sorry for Cullen and Carson, who are lucky at this point if I supply them with food. I think they will need to not watch TV or play the Wii for a month to make up for the amount of "turn your brain to mush" activity hours they have logged since Lila has been born. I am thinking of petitioning The American Academy of Pediatrics to waive the recommended limit for such things when one has a new baby at home.

No new catalog yet

The new Stampin' Up! catalog has not arrived at my house yet, despite my using all of my mental powers to will it to arrive. The UPS man drove right by with no goodies for me at all! My friend Margarita went to convention and got her catalog and says I can look at it tomorrow. I will post pictures of anything that "wows" me!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

People who need two shopping carts

I have always secretly scoffed at the people who need two shopping carts to get their groceries. Surely they are buying too much if they need two carts, right? Today I was one bag of chips away from needing two shopping carts at Wal-Mart and I am afraid I will have to eat my words. People who need two carts are not over-indulgent consumers; they are just parents and possibly pet owners. I had zero kids with me to take up space in my cart and it was still overflowing. Needless to say no single men tried to pick me up at the grocery store; my married status was obvious and even if I wasn't married who would want someone who needs four boxes of Capri Suns, enough Eggo waffles for an army, and three bags of kitty litter?

More Stamping News

This was actually announced a few weeks ago but in the new catalog ALL new stamp sets will be die cut. That means you won't need to trim the rubber; it has been done for you already and you just pop the image out of the rubber and adhere it to the wood. It is one-time assembly; once it's on the wood you won't ever have to remove it. Yea!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Convention Announcements

I couldn't attend the Stampin' Up! convention in Salt Lake City this year for obvious reasons. I have been on the edge of my seat waiting to hear the news and announcements that are a big part of convention. I was not disappointed; there have been several big announcements!

First of all, Stampin' Up! will have more products and colors in the Decor Elements line. They will be available to customers on October 1st but I will be able to pre-order some to show off before then. Decor Elements are good for walls but they are also good for gift ideas (plaques, etc.).

Secondly, we will have online ordering available later this year. You will be able to access my website and order directly through it. I am excited that this is finally happening!

Lastly, Stampin' Up! is partnering with Sizzix to offer the "Big Shot" die cutting machine. It will accommodate the regular Sizzix plates as well as some exclusive Stampin' Up! designs. I am thrilled that we will offer this product. It won't be cheap but it will be well worth it for die-hard scrapbookers as well as those of us who like the convenience of not having to run to the store every time we need something or when we need a lot of a particular pattern. It even cuts through multiple sheets of card stock for some designs!

That's all I have for now but I am sure I will have more soon.